Who We Are

The FairShare family values the truth that God created our planet with all of the
extravagant resources for life in an environment of fairness and sharing.

As stewards of the Kingdom, we seek to ensure that all people discover and live
out their God given inheritance as members of the human family.

Our business serves the purpose of transferring resources from the poorest of the poor to the consumer in a spirit of respect and mutual benefit.

Our mission is to eliminate the poverty of spirit, soul and body in every person, and create wealth, prosperity and abundant life through the principles and practice
of Jesus Christ.

Our mandate is to eliminate greed based and corrupt business practices, which
oppress humanity and destroy the environment, and set up Kingdom Business
Models which embrace integrity towards people, and sustainability towards
the earth.

Our purpose is to honor God with our wealth, utilizing all profit and gain to support
the advancement of His kingdom.